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Easy to use and install, Cognex In-Sight® 2000 industrial vision sensors combine the power of vision systems with the accessibility of an industrial sensor. With their modular housing and field-changeable lighting, they are compatible with almost any production environment.

A market reference for nearly 30 years, Cognex In-Sight® vision systems have no equal when it comes to inspecting, identifying, and guiding parts. Flexible, powerful, and easy to integrate, they conduct fast and precise inspections.

As production rates continue to rise, companies need to invest in industrial vision solutions capable of quickly and accurately reading codes to maintain maximum productivity. Our Cognex code imager readers decode both 1D, 2D conventional codes, and the most complex Direct Part Marking (DPM) codes on any type of label, even those that are heavily damaged.

What if you equipped your factory with systems capable of detecting all potential issues, even on high-speed production lines? On the road to Industry 4.0!

Cognex's 3D industrial vision systems, among the most powerful and robust in the market, far exceed the capabilities of 2D technology. That's why clients from various industrial sectors trust these systems to provide surface measurements with unparalleled precision.

Cognex VisionPro is the leading PC-based vision software. It is designed to configure and deploy industrial vision applications, compatible with any camera or acquisition card.

Because it conditions the quality and repeatability of images, choosing the right lighting system is crucial in establishing a reliable and robust vision application. Indeed, suitable illumination significantly facilitates image processing.

Our teams determine all the necessary accessories to further enhance the robustness of your vision applications (optical lenses, telecentric lenses, specific lenses, filters, polarizers, etc.).

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