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Industrial Vision-based Appearance Inspection Solutions

Appearance Inspection

In addition to being a heavy workload for your operators, visual inspection is limited in efficiency. There are numerous parts to inspect before they hit the market, and defect detection needs to be quick, repeatable, comprehensive, and precise. That's why Cira offers industrial vision-based inspection solutions for aspect control that combine efficiency with quality.

Appearance Inspection example : Foreign Object, Scratch, and Contamination Detection

Chewing gums inspection






Detect defects on threaded necks of glass containers






Foreign Object, Scratch, and Contamination Detection

With our high-resolution cameras, it's possible to detect foreign objects, scratches, and imperceptible contamination on parts during production! Our high-resolution detection systems enable detailed and automated inspection of packaged products, whether they're food, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical, directly on the production line. This helps you avoid costly product recalls!

Industrial applications examples


Foreign Object inspection
Sealing Inspection
Tamper-Evident Ring Defects


Inspect small plastic parts for structural
and aesthetic defects.
Inspect separation grids
for defects prior to installation
Check the quality of battery cell coatings
using Deep Learning-based solutions


Ensure the collars are secure and free from defects
Detect and classify particles and impurities in vials, ampoules, and pre-filled syringes