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Positioning controls by industrial vision

Component positioning controls

Packaging applications can present challenges for even automated inspection systems. Indeed, the ideal vision system must be able to verify the correct location of the product in the packaging, even though the latter may present significant variations in appearance, such as reflective surfaces or complex geometric shapes. Many kitting applications require the use of inspection systems capable of identifying, counting and classifying different elements before assembly, regardless of the orientation and appearance of the packaging.

Packaging applications can present challenges for machine vision inspection systems. However, advanced technologies in the field of machine vision make it possible to successfully address these challenges.

Modern vision systems are equipped with algorithms that allow them to detect, locate and verify the precise positioning of products in packaging, even in difficult conditions such as reflective surfaces or complex shapes.

Example of positioning controls

Cognex Deep Learning helps automate the localization, identification and classification of multiple features on a single image. It is able to generalize the distinctive characteristics of different elements based on their size, shape and surface. The user can train the part locator and assembly verification tool to detect all types of items that need to be checked for presence. The image can then be subdivided into different areas where the tool will look for the presence of a specific element and verify that it is the correct type. Custom configurations can also be created for situations where a single line may feature different packaging. So the user can automate the packaging verification using a single tool

Industrial applications examples


In the field of electronicsprinted circuit boards reign supreme. To control the components of these products, whose manufacturing process is becoming more complex, classic industrial vision is no longer sufficient and there is a need for even more precise and intelligent vision solutions.

Take the example of 3D laser displacement sensors, which provide micron-level accuracy to control the positioning and alignment of chips on printed circuit boards. Thanks to vision solutions associated with Deep Learning, it is also possible to quickly inspect the positioning of connectors in circuits. This type of control would be almost impossible with traditional machine vision solutions due to the presence of many other reflective components on the circuit. During final assembly of printed circuit boards, it is essential to accurately check the positioning of LEDs and microprocessors, which are very small components. This is where high-precision 2D and 3D machine vision systems come into play. They provide rigorous and reliable control to guarantee the quality of the final product.

Component Inspection
3D Laser Displacement Sensors
Weld Inspection


Before distributing their packaged consumer goods, manufacturers must conduct a thorough inspection of the integrity of the final packaging. This helps avoid costly returns that could harm the brand's reputation. It is essential to implement comprehensive control to verify the presence or absence of goods in their packaging before they leave the factory. This process ensures that each product is properly packaged and ready for shipment, thereby reducing the risks of quality or compliance issues. By ensuring rigorous checks, manufacturers can maintain consumer trust and preserve their brand reputation.


In the field of agri-food, ensuring the proper positioning and alignment of labels on products is essential to reduce the risks of product recalls, waste, and penalties associated with non-compliant marking and labeling issues. Even a slight defect on packaging can lead to major problems, which is why label inspection should not be overlooked. Our vision systems provide an effective solution by quickly and easily verifying that labels are correctly positioned, thus contributing to high-quality automated inspection at the beginning of the logistics chain. This approach saves valuable time while ensuring precise and reliable monitoring, thereby ensuring product compliance and preserving the brand's reputation.

With our vision solutions, save valuable time in presence and positioning checks!