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Our history and experience in the field of industrial vision


Is a company whose teams of experts have always been driven by the desire to offer their clients the most innovative technologies. That's why we offer to integrate cutting-edge industrial vision solutions, making your machinery and production tools more efficient with rapid, precise, and reliable quality controls for your manufactured products.

In 1998

The Automation division of CIRA INSTRUMENTATION was offering a somewhat special matrix sensor in 1998. More powerful than a simple optical sensor, it already provided the ability to perform inspections within a determined field of view. At that time, they were referred to as 'Vision Sensors' rather than actual vision systems. These vision sensors looked like video game consoles, and programming was mainly done using controllers.

Early 2000s

CIRA INSTRUMENTATION quickly realized the revolutionary potential of these sensors by establishing an 'Industrial Vision' division. With innovation embedded in the company's DNA, CIRA INSTRUMENTATION began offering these innovative sensors in the early 2000s. Among the first French manufacturers to enter the market with models offering an excellent quality/price/performance ratio, CIRA INSTRUMENTATION managed to establish itself as a key player in integrating vision control solutions in France.

In order to offer its clients increasingly innovative and high-performance vision systems, CIRA INSTRUMENTATION entered into an agreement with the manufacturer Cognex in 2009. From 'simple' vision sensors to the most advanced vision systems on the market, Cognex is the number one reference in the field of industrial vision.

Cognex relies on a network of authorized integrators (PSIs - Partner System Integrators). This manufacturer fully understands the challenges associated with integrating these industrial vision systems (feasibility study, hardware determination, mechanical and electrical installation, programming, control, commissioning, training).

With its highly qualified vision engineers (vision, automation, robotics...) and unparalleled field experience, CIRA INSTRUMENTATION now installs over 200 cameras/vision systems per year in France and worldwide. This performance positions CIRA INSTRUMENTATION as the top Cognex vision integrator in France and also in Europe.

In 2019

New recognition. CIRA INSTRUMENTATION has become a Cognex Logistics Partner Integrator (LPI). As a partner and integrator in Cognex Vision for the logistics field, CIRA INSTRUMENTATION now holds the dual certification of Cognex PSI/Cognex LPI.


Thanks to its passionate teams, positive culture, and commitment to customer satisfaction, CIRA INSTRUMENTATION has become an essential player in the field of industrial vision as a provider of turnkey solutions in just a few years. Thanks to all the dedicated individuals at CIRA INSTRUMENTATION, our supportive partners, and our clients who entrust us with their projects. It's for their satisfaction that we work diligently every day.

We are proud of this success, of the projects completed and those to come... with you!