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Our expertise in deploying your solutions internationally


Ensures the global deployment of industrial vision solutions and systems developed by its teams. Regardless of the location of your production sites, we intervene on-site to guarantee a perfect integration of your vision solutions.


Europe (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Turkey...), America (United States, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico...), Asia (China, South Korea, Japan...), and Africa (Maghreb countries): CIRA INSTRUMENTATION's teams work with clients spread across the four corners of the world.


Our teams of industrial vision experts take charge of your projects entirely, offering a 'turnkey' management approach. In addition to handling the design, execution, delivery, on-site mechanical and electrical installation, as well as commissioning and acceptance of your vision solutions, we take care of training you and providing all necessary documentation for complete autonomy.

CIRA INSTRUMENTATION operates in over 50 countries today, thanks to our high mobility, expertise, skills, and dedicated teams committed to developing and offering reliable and robust vision solutions.

Don't wait any longer, entrust us with your vision solution deployment project!