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Code/Identification Readers

Lightning-fast Decoding

1D and 2D barcodes play a crucial role in the tracking of manufactured products, automating and simplifying identification and data capture. The traditional reading process involves illuminating the code to locate and extract information. However, the swift and reliable verification of these codes poses a challenge for companies that need to comply with global standards and effectively combat counterfeit products.


With the continuous increase in production rates, companies must invest in industrial vision solutions capable of quickly and accurately reading codes to maintain maximum efficiency. Our Cognex barcode imagers are designed to decode 1D, 2D, including the most complex Direct Part Marking (DPM) codes, on any type of label, even those that are damaged.


These barcode imager readers offer the highest reading rates in the market, surpassing their competitors. Thanks to their advanced technologies, modular options, and easy configuration, these readers help reduce costs, optimize performance, increase yield, and ensure effective product traceability. Moreover, they provide detailed reports that allow you to monitor the entire process. With these code readers, nothing will escape your attention.

Dataman 8050 / 8700
Dataman 280
Dataman 370
Dataman 470
Dataman 580

Dataman 8050 / 8700 - Handle Reader

Flexibility tailored to all needs: Laser scanners offer great flexibility and can be integrated into a variety of applications and systems. Whether you need a standalone solution or integration with an existing system, laser scanners adapt to your specific requirements. They are compatible with USB, RS-232, and Ethernet interfaces, making integration into your IT infrastructure easy. Moreover, these scanners support a wide range of communication protocols, allowing you to easily connect them to other devices. Whether it's optimizing logistics operations, improving product traceability, or increasing supply chain productivity, these scanners are a reliable choice.

Dataman 8050
Dataman 8700

Dataman 280 : A high-performance and versatile code reading solution

The DM280 readers stand out for their exceptional reading performance. Thanks to Cognex's advanced industrial vision technology, these readers can quickly and accurately read 1D or 2D codes (QR Codes, datamatrix, etc.), even in challenging lighting conditions or with damaged or poorly printed barcodes. The DM280 readers are designed to withstand the most demanding industrial environments. They come equipped with robust, impact-resistant casings, making them suitable for warehouse operations or on the production line.

The DM280 readers are user-friendly and easy to deploy. They feature an intuitive interface that allows for quick configuration and use.

Dataman 370 : An advanced solution for fast and accurate code reading

The DataMan 370 readers are renowned for their ability to accurately read a wide range of barcodes, both 1D and 2D, even in challenging conditions.

The DataMan 370 readers offer exceptional reading speed, optimizing processes and increasing productivity. With their fast code reading capabilities, these readers reduce the time required for reading operations, resulting in increased operational efficiency. Whether in a logistics, manufacturing, or industrial environment, the DataMan 370 readers are designed to support fast and efficient workflows. They are engineered to withstand the most demanding industrial environments, featuring robust, impact-resistant casings, making them suitable for warehouse operations, on the production line, or in other challenging environments.

The DataMan 370 utilizes High Dynamic Range (HDR) vision technology to capture images of a quality 16 times superior to traditional sensors. This improves image quality and contrast, allowing for greater depth of field and improved reading of codes with limited contrast.

Like other readers in the DataMan series, the DataMan 370 features a proven modular design that provides high flexibility and maximum ease of use. You can choose from various options for lighting, optics, and communication to tailor the reader to your specific needs.

Dataman 470 : Advanced code reading performance and unparalleled versatility.

Fixed code readers like the DataMan 470 are specifically designed to meet the needs of complex and high-throughput applications in manufacturing and logistics. With their multicore processing power, advanced vision technology, high-resolution sensor, powerful reading algorithms, and user-friendly configuration, DataMan 470 readers offer optimal coverage, speed, and ease of use.

The DataMan 470 is equipped with seven powerful processing cores, allowing it to simultaneously execute multiple algorithms and processes at incredibly high speeds. It can read 1D and 2D barcodes in various positions, as well as multiple codes of different symbologies simultaneously, while providing exceptional read rates. Thanks to these advanced capabilities, it enhances the efficiency and productivity of operations.

Dataman 580 : The high-performance code reading solution for optimal traceability

Enhance performance and achieve higher read rates by integrating the DataMan 580 reader into your Cognex modular vision tunnel. With advanced hardware components and intuitive software, the DataMan 580 provides accurate reading of multiple symbologies and supports high-speed lines with narrow spacing.

The advantages of the DataMan 580 for your sorting operations:

  • Read more symbols, faster : With advanced decoding algorithms specifically optimized for multi-code labels and multiple symbologies, the DataMan 580 provides accurate and fast reading.
  • Yield Optimization : You can operate your line at high speeds with reduced spacing, increasing the efficiency of your sorting operations.
  • Improved traceability : The DataMan 580 allows verification of label dimensions and location in real time, improving traceability and supplier compliance assessment.
  • Simplified Integration : With simple configuration and maintenance tools designed specifically for multi-reader systems, integrating the DataMan 580 into your infrastructure is quick and easy.