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Vision Expert, Official Partner System Integrator of COGNEX


is one of the official partner system integrator of Cognex. With recognized expertise and know-how for nearly 25 years, CIRA INSTRUMENTATION has risen to become a major global player in the Cognex network, holding the highest level of partnership status (PSI).

CIRA INSTRUMENTATION also has expertise in the logistics sector. Therefore, it was natural for Cognex to integrate CIRA INSTRUMENTATION as a leading partner in the 'Logistics' sector, granting it the status of Logistics Partner Integrator (LPI). CIRA INSTRUMENTATION is thus one of the few Cognex partners holding two designations: Partner System Integrator (PSI) and Logistics Partner Integrator (LPI).


Cognex is the leading global provider of industrial vision systems. As a developer of vision software, optical sensors, and cutting-edge code readers, it stands as the go-to entity for automating industrial and logistical manufacturing processes. Cognex's vision technology supports businesses in their pursuit of cost-effective quality, offering them advanced solutions across a range of industrial vision applications: defect detection, production line monitoring, quality control, robot guidance and tracking, automated sorting, and identification of parts and goods. The company is headquartered near Boston, in Natick, Massachusetts. Cognex is also publicly traded on the Nasdaq market (symbol: CGNX). Driven by a long-standing tradition of innovation, boldness, and creativity, this vision experts' company relentlessly seeks new avenues to enhance industrial vision performance and explores all markets where its solutions could provide a competitive advantage.

Our other partners

To accomplish your 'turnkey' projects, CIRA INSTRUMENTATION also relies on a network of renowned partners in the field of automation, such as Siemens Automation, Rockwell, and Omron, to name a few. With their extensive portfolio of expertise, we can offer and fully leverage the benefits of automation and digitalization, ushering you into the era of Industry 4.0.