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Logistics Industry

Logistics sector challenges

With the development of retail distribution, shipping centers are facing new challenges in terms of performance and efficiency. Cognex vision solutions come into play at every stage of the logistics chain, from the receipt of incoming goods to the shipping and tracking of outgoing parcels.


The vision systems and barcode readers that CIRA proposes to integrate contribute to a swift and efficient processing of incoming goods. 3D dimensioning systems, for instance, capture volumetric data useful for categorizing incoming parcels upon arrival and facilitating their tracking. When dealing with pallets wrapped in plastic film, Cognex barcode readers swiftly and accurately scan labels. For automated goods receiving, reading tunnels can decipher codes from any angle on the package. The combination of these tools contributes to the integration of an intelligent vision and inspection system, significantly reducing the risk of parcel reprocessing and saving time for operators.


In order to deliver parcels within shorter timelines, it is essential to optimize the time dedicated to order processing. During picking, Cognex vision technology-equipped code imagers read omnidirectional codes, even if they are damaged, distorted, or placed at different angles. Order verification is also enhanced through 3D dimensioning systems that collect accurate volumetric data and code imagers capable of identifying printing and label placement defects on packages.


Industrial vision systems, 3D dimensioning systems, and barcode readers enhance the efficiency of sorting. On the sorting line, 3D dimensioning systems categorize products. 3D object detection systems then identify the presence of dust and foreign objects on conveyors to ensure the proper functioning of the sorting system. As parcels enter the shipping system, code imager readers employ advanced reading technology to quickly decipher codes and enhance the efficiency of the sorting process. For decoding damaged codes on high-speed production lines, barcode reading tunnels are invaluable, combining precision and speed in decoding and contributing to maintaining the accuracy of the sorting system.


Optimizing product traceability is a key challenge for logistics centers. Industrial vision systems assist operators in handling tasks, expedite truck loading, and enhance parcel traceability. By leveraging volumetric data captured by 3D dimensioning systems, operators can select the most suitable packaging and optimize truck loading, allowing for a more accurate estimation of shipping and transportation costs. At the exit of parcels, barcode readers ease the burden on operators and provide a hands-free solution to verify that the correct packages are loaded into the truck. Similarly, overhead code imager readers assist operators in loading outgoing trucks and building pallets more quickly than with manual readers.


Cira offers customized solutions for airports, particularly in baggage management. Their code imager readers play a key role during the baggage check-in process. Integrated into counters, these readers decode labels, enabling a quick and efficient sorting of baggage while providing an accurate assessment of the volume to be processed. With these vision solutions, airports can process up to 900 bags per hour. Oversized baggage is immediately detected without disrupting the flow of other luggage, reducing the risk of loss and contributing to customer satisfaction.

Compared to traditional laser readers, Cira's barcode imager readers provide fast and efficient reading of labels, even when they are damaged or distorted. Baggage labels may undergo degradation during sorting. Thanks to these vision solutions, there is no longer a need to send bags with damaged labels to a manual encoding station. Cognex's 1D and 2D barcode readers can read poorly printed, distorted, or damaged codes, even in visually complex environments such as reflective surfaces or bright areas. Additionally, automated 360° label reading solutions further optimize baggage processing. These code imager readers can locate and decode any barcode, regardless of its quality or orientation on the conveyor.