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Industrial Vision-based Code Inspection Solution


Codes play a crucial role in various industrial sectors, offering benefits such as inventory management, counterfeit prevention, product traceability, and recalls. At our specialized company in industrial vision systems, we provide advanced solutions to ensure intelligent, fast, and precise reading of both 1D (one-dimensional) and 2D (two-dimensional) codes in all orientations: top, bottom, and sides.

Our image and barcode readers, along with our vision solutions, are designed to read and identify various types of codes, including barcodes, alphanumeric codes, and even UV codes. Regardless of the format, size, or complexity of the codes, our systems can accurately read them, even on high-speed production lines. Our outstanding read rates attest to the reliability of our solutions.

Trust in our expertise in industrial vision systems for accurate and efficient reading of all code types, tailored to your industrial sector.

Code inspection examples

In the fight against counterfeiting, serialization of finished products and the use of ultraviolet (UV) and invisible codes are commonly adopted practices by manufacturers. At our specialized company in Cognex industrial vision systems, we offer code imaging readers capable of reading these complex and small-sized codes.

Our code imaging readers deliver exceptional performance by capturing high-quality images and storing them in a database in case of reading failure or chain validation. Moreover, our readers are equipped with a UV lighting module and specific optical filters, enabling them to control and decode UV codes using powerful algorithms.

With our industrial vision solutions, you can ensure the reliability of product serialization and the detection of UV codes, thereby strengthening your fight against counterfeiting. Trust in our expertise in code imaging readers for optimal protection of your products.

Industrial applications examples


Cognex industrial vision systems are the ideal solution for deciphering codes on reflective metal parts, such as smartphone batteries, in the field of electronics. With a high-resolution camera tailored for high-speed production lines and fixed barcode readers equipped with high-performing reading algorithms, these systems ensure accurate and swift decoding of 2D codes.


Efficient warehouse productivity relies on optimized management of palletized products. Barcode verifiers and readers can play a role at every stage of the logistics chain, from inspecting the final packaging and reading labels and 1D and 2D codes on pallets to automated sorting in barcode reading tunnels for outgoing shipments – all done in minimal time!

Effective management of palletized products is crucial for ensuring optimal warehouse productivity. Barcode verifiers and readers play a key role at every stage of the logistics chain. They enable inspection of final packaging, reading of labels, and both 1D and 2D barcode scanning on pallets, while also automatically sorting packages for shipment in barcode reading tunnels. Through these industrial vision solutions, all these operations can be carried out quickly and efficiently.


Date codes, lot numbers, and expiration dates are crucial on consumer products to ensure traceability and compliance. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables reliable control of processes, ensuring the presence and quality of codes. These quality inspections help manufacturers meet labeling requirements, ensure consumer safety, and facilitate recall management.


In the pharmaceutical industry, patient safety is paramount, and combating counterfeit products is a top priority. To ensure the authenticity of medical devices, 1D and 2D codes are placed on these products. Specialized barcode readers are capable of decoding these codes, regardless of their size and complexity. For instance, they can read extremely small barcodes, such as those on vaccines that can be as small as 3 thousandths of an inch. These industrial vision solutions play a critical role in patient protection and ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical products.

With Cira and Cognex vision solutions, perform efficient code inspections!