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Chemical industry


The chemical industry faces numerous challenges, including handling sensitive and potentially toxic products, detailed inspection of finished goods, compliance with various regulatory standards, and combating counterfeiting. To address these challenges, Cira, a partner of Cognex, offers the integration of vision systems and Deep Learning-based solutions. These are capable of performing complex quality controls, ensuring accurate filling of toxic products, and implementing precise tracking in the chemical sector.


From image analysis, Deep Learning vision solutions reliably verify the quality of sensitive substances such as blood. The quality control involves various steps, including detecting the presence/absence of labels and caps and inspecting the appearance of products. In automated laboratories, for example, the proper separation of centrifuged blood must be carefully analyzed. Despite significant variations in appearance, Deep Learning vision tools quickly ensure that the blood has been separated correctly.


Industrial vision systems contribute to the successful and comprehensive automation of diagnostic devices and tests for delicate substances (blood, skincare cream, etc.), saving valuable time for participants in the chemical industry.


In laboratories, the measurement of liquid levels in handling devices must be accurate, fast, and efficient to deliver reliable test results. Industrial vision systems perform precise measurements of liquid levels, regardless of the size of the sample to be analyzed.


In the chemical industry, the handling of toxic products is common in filling processes. Equipped with sophisticated geometric recognition capabilities, vision-guided robots adapt to a wide variety of shapes and can accurately locate caps on different containers, regardless of their position on pallets. Once the cap is located, the filling process begins. These industrial vision systems enable automated filling of large containers, ensuring the safety of operators who no longer need to handle toxic products manually.


Ensuring the tracking of sensitive products is another challenge addressed by industrial vision systems. For effective product traceability, it is crucial to first verify the accurate matching of content with the container. Code readers quickly and precisely identify each container, transmitting the information to a security system downstream in the logistics chain. Manufacturers can thus be confident that only the correct containers are on pallets and will be filled with the right products. In these challenging industrial environments, where hazardous and flammable materials are prevalent, the vision tools offered by Cira contribute to optimal security.

 Capable of reading both 1D and 2D codes, image-based barcode readers also enhance product tracking and traceability, especially for reagents with more complex codes that may be challenging to decipher.