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The versatile industrial vision distribution systems

Industrial vision distribution systems

Universal and versatile distribution system through industrial vision

Component distribution represents an essential first step in the packaging process.

We have designed a CIRA Vision-Feed distribution module to accurately distribute all types of bulk components. Thanks to its vibrating tray and high-precision camera, our Vision-Feed picks up the elements one by one and transfers them in the defined direction to the next machine. Simple and fast, the change of format requires no tooling or mechanical adjustment. This frees you from format tooling costs and saves you setup time.


The vibration system moves the parts to separate and position them.


The high-precision camera identifies the position, color, and orientation of each element.


Using a suction cup, the robot performs the grasping.


  • Perfume: vial, pump, cap, etc.
  • Makeup: powder puff, brush, applicator, etc.
  • Other cosmetics: comb, dropper, sachet, etc.
  • Electronic components
  • Small parts of any material and shape


  • Skylight and camera assembly for sorting parts of identical shapes but different colors.
  • Automatic emptying.