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We support you in defining your project

Every project begins with a feasibility study

This phase is an essential step for the success of your project. Because a detailed understanding of needs is essential for the successful integration of industrial vision systems, CIRA INSTRUMENTATION mobilizes all of its expertise in these studies. Our role as integrator is to understand your specifications, to analyze the conditions of your process (environment, speed, cadence, mechanical and electrical integration possibilities, automation and/or robotics control, etc.) in order to define the optimal vision solution. and select the equipment that exactly matches your performance expectations.


CIRA INSTRUMENTATION also has an internal laboratory dedicated to industrial vision testing. For nearly 25 years, we have been constantly investing in our laboratory to have the very latest vision solutions, from the simplest to the most sophisticated (2D and 3D, Deep-Learning), with a wide range of optics and lighting. . This test equipment is available to our engineering teams, so that they can carry out feasibility studies with responsiveness and autonomy. Flexible, agile and always focused on industry 4.0, our solutions will meet your most complex needs.

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