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BIN Picking solution, 3D depalletization.

Robotic unboxing

BIN picking is the action of emptying a container (crate, box, carton, etc.) of its bulk content, in order to move it and make it usable in subsequent production phases (on a conveyor or within a machine). Mechanical workshops and manufacturing plants use robots for handling parts stored in bulk in bins. An optimized depalletization operation is carried out using a gripper robot guided by 3D vision, which picks up the parts and delivers them to the production teams. 3D industrial vision systems ensure high-quality scans of images captured by the robots' eyes, even in challenging work environments (shiny objects, reflective surfaces, dark packaging). When combined with dedicated 3D software solutions specifically for bin picking, they facilitate the configuration of the application to meet the specific needs of each industry sector.


By equipping robots with advanced 3D sensors, Cognex's industrial vision systems enable precise targeting of components within bins, regardless of the nature or complexity of the packaging or the pace of your production lines. Cognex's 3D vision sensor technology guides the robot in various depalletization tasks: they can automatically place parts on conveyors, machine tools (presses, deburring machines, shot blasters...), on racks, in boxes... The power conferred by these 3D vision solutions to gripper robots isn't limited to enhancing bulk handling. In addition to being able to locate and place parts in precise locations, even on high-speed lines, robots guided by 3D vision simultaneously conduct thorough quality inspections. Finally, these 3D vision solutions are easy to integrate and compatible with a wide range of robots (articulated, Cartesian, parallel... from brands like ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Stäubli, Nachi...).


Cira supports you in integrating these robotic 3D BIN picking solutions. As an expert integrator of industrial vision systems, Cira designs reliable and scalable robotic depalletization cells tailored to your needs for standardization and process automation.

Robotic 3D BIN picking solutions from Cira will usher your production devices into a new era!