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We ensure the installation and commissioning of your vision applications on-site

All sectors of activity

Our installation teams mechanically and electrically install our industrial vision systems on your premises, anywhere in the world. Thanks to this field-developed experience, we can adapt to your environment and business constraints to efficiently, reliably, and safely implement our vision solution into your production tool.


Because we attach considerable importance to the success of your operations and are aware of the devastating impact downtime can have on your business, our project managers establish an optimal organization for a seamless execution of your projects.

Our teams also prepare all the necessary documentation for the success of your projects: operating procedures, Prevention Plans, as well as Work Permits. Additionally, they have the required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and CPE (collective protection equipment) necessary to work safely at your production sites.


Our technicians and engineers hold certifications in 'Electrical' and 'Chemical and Petrochemical Risks Level 2', enabling them to work autonomously on the most sensitive industrial sites classified as Seveso Level 2 'High Threshold' risk. From installation and production startup to SAT (Site Acceptance Test), FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), and PQ (Performance Qualification) phases, our technical teams will support you throughout the integration process.

Flexible and agile, we will adapt to your organization!