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Industrial vision systems

We don't need to introduce them anymore

The Cognex In-Sight® vision systems are unparalleled when it comes to inspecting, identifying, and guiding parts. They stand out for their flexibility, exceptional performance, and ease of integration, enabling swift and precise inspections. Their compact size allows them to fit into any space, even the most confined ones. Additionally, thanks to their unique and fully customizable modular design, they cater to the needs of various applications.

In-Sight 2800
In-Sight 3800
In-Sight 7000

With In-Sight® vision systems, you no longer have to choose between fast production and rigorous product quality control. Thanks to advanced vision tools like Edge Learning, PatMax RedLine®, IDMax, SurfaceFXTM, and OCRMax®, In-Sight® vision systems swiftly locate parts and perform comprehensive inspections.

Insight 2800 : Cutting-edge industrial vision for unparalleled performance

Thanks to its versatility and robustness, the Insight 2800 can be used across a wide range of industrial applications. Whether for product inspection, quality control, defect detection, product traceability, or barcode reading, this industrial vision system delivers exceptional performance and high reliability across various industries.

Alongside its traditional vision tools, the Insight 2800 is equipped with powerful Edge Learning tools that enable businesses to push the boundaries of their inspection and quality control capabilities. With these tools, the Insight 2800 offers embedded intelligence, allowing it to learn and adapt to variations and changing conditions in the production environment.


Here's an overview of the Edge Learning tools of the Insight 2800:

  • Intelligent Classification: The Insight 2800 can learn to distinguish different types of products or defects by analyzing representative samples. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, the system can automatically classify products based on their specific characteristics, enabling precise and rapid inspection.
  • Anomaly Detection: The Edge Learning tools of the Insight 2800 can detect subtle anomalies or defects that might evade traditional image processing algorithms. The system can learn from existing inspection data to identify unexpected patterns and variations, enhancing inspection reliability and reducing the risks of false positives or negatives.
  • Character OCR: The OCR Edge Learning of the Insight 2800 offers increased accuracy in reading serial numbers, expiration dates, and other crucial information. This feature enhances traceability, reduces reading errors, and optimizes production processes.

With these advanced Edge Learning tools, the Insight 2800 provides increased flexibility and adaptability in industrial vision applications. Businesses can benefit from more precise inspection, improved defect detection, and reduced errors, resulting in enhanced product quality, decreased waste, and optimized manufacturing processes.

Insight 3800 : Advanced industrial vision for optimal efficiency

The Insight 3800 is a top-of-the-line industrial vision system designed to deliver cutting-edge performance. With its high resolution and rapid execution, this camera captures superior-quality images at high speeds. This enables real-time product inspection, reducing downtime and enhancing the overall efficiency of your production line. The Insight 3800 features a powerful processor ensuring swift image processing, facilitating precise, reliable, and rapid inspection even in demanding production environments.

The Insight 3800 is equipped with a comprehensive range of advanced features that set it apart from other industrial vision systems.


Among these are:

  • High Resolution: With resolutions up to 5 megapixels, the Insight 3800 can detect the tiniest defects and subtle irregularities, ensuring precise and detailed inspection of your products.
  • Flexible Lighting: The system is compatible with various lighting types, including integrated and external LED lighting. This allows optimization of lighting conditions for each specific application, ensuring optimal inspection results.
  • Advanced Software: The Insight 3800 comes with the intuitive and user-friendly In-Sight Vision suite software that simplifies setup, programming, and inspection management. Users can easily define inspection parameters, visualize real-time results, and make quick adjustments, improving operational efficiency.
  • Extended Connectivity: The Insight 3800 offers extended connectivity with Ethernet interfaces and support for common communication protocols, easing integration into existing systems and data collection for analysis.
  • Industrial Robustness: Designed to withstand the most rigorous industrial environments, the Insight 3800, like its sibling, the Insight 2800, is built for reliability and durability.


Similar to its smaller sibling, the Insight 2800, the Insight 3800 features powerful Edge Learning tools. These tools include classification, defect analysis, and challenging character reading, delivering superior speeds.

In-Sight 2800 or In-Sight 3800 ?

Choosing between the Insight 2800 and the Insight 3800 will depend on your specific needs and the features you're seeking. Here are a few reasons why you might opt for the Insight 2800 over the Insight 3800:


  • Processing Speed: The Insight 3800 is faster than the Insight 2800 in terms of image processing and executing inspection tasks. If you require high-speed performance for high-throughput applications, the Insight 3800 might be more suitable.
  • Size and Configuration: The Insight 2800 is more compact, making it easier to integrate into confined spaces or installations with limited space. The Insight 3800 is larger and offers more flexibility in terms of configuration.
  • Image Resolution: The Insight 3800 (up to 5 MP) offers higher image resolution compared to the Insight 2800 (up to 2 MP). If you need detailed inspection with high precision requirements, the Insight 3800 would be the better choice.
  • Application Complexity: If your needs for automated inspection are relatively straightforward, the Insight 2800 might suffice. It's ideal for basic applications such as defect detection, dimension verification, or barcode reading. If you don't require the more advanced features of the Insight 3800, opting for the less complex model might be wise.
  • Cost: For a limited budget, the Insight 2800 might be a more affordable option. It can provide basic automated inspection functionalities at a lower cost compared to the Insight 3800, which might have more advanced capabilities and additional features.


It's important to note that the Insight 3800 may offer more advanced features, greater flexibility, and superior customization ability. If your application demands more advanced features, deeper integration, or faster processing capabilities, the Insight 3800 would be the optimal choice.

Insight 7000 : An advanced solution for automated inspection

The Insight 7000 is equipped with advanced industrial vision and image processing technologies. It's designed to provide fast and precise automated inspection solutions, regardless of the industry. Whether you work in pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, or any other sector, the Insight 7000 is a versatile tool that caters to your specific needs.

Key Features of the Insight 7000:

  • High Speed and Precision: The Insight 7000 offers cutting-edge performance in inspection speed and precision. Through sophisticated algorithms and advanced processing power, it can swiftly and effectively inspect products, even at high production speeds, without compromising result quality.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be user-friendly, even for novice users, the Insight 7000 features an intuitive interface allowing quick configuration of inspection tasks, reducing setup time.
  • Versatile Inspection Capability: Whether you need to verify dimensions, detect defects, read barcodes, or control labels, the Insight 7000 offers a broad range of inspection capabilities. Its flexibility allows adaptation to various applications, making it an ideal choice for production lines with diverse requirements.
  • Seamless Integration: The Insight 7000 can easily integrate into your existing infrastructure. It is compatible with common industrial communication protocols and can connect to control and data management systems. This facilitates the integration of automated inspection into your overall production process.
  • Reporting and Traceability: With the Insight 7000, you can generate detailed reports on inspection results. These reports provide comprehensive traceability of inspected products, crucial for maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring product quality.