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Aerospace industry


Pioneering in its nature, the aerospace industry involves numerous quality and appearance checks for the absolute safety of equipment. Cognex's vision solutions integrated by Cira, meet the demands of this industry where the pursuit of cutting-edge innovations is constant. Whether it's inspecting small-sized parts moving on conveyors or examining larger components requiring the use of vision-guided robots, Cognex and Cira offer intelligent systems capable of efficiently addressing the major challenges in the sector.


Critical components in aircraft, jet engines undergo regular inspections for appearance and compliance. Cognex vision systems precisely detect defects and potential failures in the components. Another crucial step in engine assembly control is the inspection of laser welds. Laser technology is the most commonly used method in the assembly of jet engines. Cognex vision systems ensure the quality of laser welds, where any imperfections could lead to the scrapping of these costly assemblies.

Optimization of Manufacturing Processes

In a competitive environment, optimizing manufacturing processes is essential to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maintain quality. Cognex vision systems offer a comprehensive range of features, such as pattern recognition, code reading, and assembly verification, enabling the automation and optimization of manufacturing processes.

These industrial vision capabilities help reduce production errors, speed up production timelines, and increase overall productivity.

Quality Control and Precise Inspection

Passenger safety and component integrity are major concerns in the aerospace industry.

Cognex vision systems offer unparalleled capability in terms of quality control and precise inspection. With their advanced image processing technology, these systems can detect tiny defects such as cracks, scratches, or dimension variations that could compromise the reliability of components.

Industrial vision also enables the automation of inspection processes, thereby reducing human errors and improving overall efficiency.


In the aerospace industry, manufacturers use various symbologies (1D, 2D) and code printing methods (engraving, direct marking, thermal transfer). To ensure accurate tracking of aerospace materials and prevent counterfeiting, Direct Part Marking (DPM) codes are directly engraved on metal parts. Due to the low contrast and significant appearance variations, traditional code readers struggle to read these raised codes. Cognex vision solutions based on Deep Learning provide a reliable answer to reading challenges: equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies, they can effectively read DPM codes.