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  2. In-Sight 2800 : The latest addition from Cognex

In-Sight 2800 : The latest addition from Cognex

An industrial vision system easy to integrate

Easy to deploy, this vision system combines the power of Deep Learning with the intuitiveness of traditional vision tools. From simple presence/absence checks to the most complex tasks of sorting goods, the In-Sight 2800 is the latest generation industrial vision solution capable of reliably, quickly, and precisely detecting a wide range of subtle errors and defects. Equipped with the powerful ViDi EL classification tool, this highly flexible vision solution swiftly identifies and categorizes various defects, regardless of the variations in appearance exhibited by the objects being inspected.

Furthermore, the multicolor lighting (RGB-B) contributes to capturing high-resolution images with sufficient contrast of products, regardless of the production environment. Another significant advantage, especially for manufacturers, is that the In-Sight 2800 is scalable, allowing for quick adaptation to new parts and meeting diverse business requirements.

Last but not least, interested in a demonstration of the In-Sight 2800 on-site?

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